Rubi Dweck

Rubi Dweck

Dear one A
Thank you for responding to my mail. How is your family? I hope they are in good health? I am writing you as a friend and sister. My full name is Rubi Dweck (Female), I am from Aleppo in Syrian and was studying medicine in the university of Aleppo before the war broke out. I was born 18th of June, 1990 (25 years old). This war has taken me from one world to another life. I want to share my story with you. My problem began in November 2011, i use to take photographs of protesters , i took it as a hobby to show support for the uprising. One day I went to a field hospital in the south of Damascus, and I saw my friend lying dead. At this point I joined this field hospital.

In April 2012, opposition activity increased in the southern areas of Damascus, and we formed a group of activists. I was the only girl. I used to take pictures and videos of the raids and the demonstrations, and if there was a raid I would rescue the guys because the regime avoided arresting girls. I even began to transport medicine in secret. We had to establish a small field hospital in a house. I started smuggling food to the activists who couldn’t leave the streets of Damascus as the fields they had to cross were covered with snipers.

In October 2012 when I was taking pictures of the clashes of the raids and the tanks in southern Damascus, suddenly I was caught in a military ambush. One of the soldiers grabbed me and took me to some old houses and an alley where I saw dozens of dead bodies. When he went out I hid my camera in an old fridge. The soldier came back again with the officer in charge of the raids, who asked me what I was doing there. I told him I was escaping the shelling in the alleyways, and got lost because I was so scared.

Then one of soldiers grabbed me and searched me. I tried to refuse, but he threatened to kill me if i struggle with him.  He finished searching me and found nothing so he took me to another officer who searched me again. The officer slapped my face twice and told me to “get out of here,” telling me to take a certain road. As i wanted to leave, one of the soldiers wanted to take water from the fridge and saw my camera. He shouted that i should stand freeze. He showed the camera to the other soldiers. That was where my problem began.

They took me to a military intelligence division detention room. I was like the walking dead. I felt nothing and said nothing. I wanted to cry and forget everything that happened. When we got there, an officer took off my Hijab and hit me on the face, asking me names of my brothers, names of those who had weapons and those who were distributing bread and medicine. I denied everything, but he threatened to slaughter my whole family if I didn’t confess. I refused because i thought they will never find my family house. But i was mistaken. The next day, the soldiers dragged  father in with blood all over his body. When i saw him, i was shocked. My father told me that my mother, brothers and sisters were shot in front of him. That my sisters where raped in front of him. I cried bitterly. They asked me to comply in order to spare my father. I told them that i will comply but they should give me few minutes to discuss with my father and they accepted.

That was when my father used the opportunity to tell me that if he didn’t get out alive, i should try and claim the money in foreign account, use the money and start a new life. He told me he sold our family treasures when the war began, and also sold his agricultural company. That my mother is aware of it. He told me where the bank is located and where to find the documents of the account. He also told me to find a reliable person that will help me to retrieve the money from the bank. I told him never to think of death, that we will leave here alive.  When the soldiers came back, they asked me to give them names, if i don’t , they will kill my father and rape me before killing me. So i gave forged names,as i was still calling names, miracle happened. The building was hit by a missile and the soldiers started shooting. Blocks start falling from the building, i begged one of the soldiers to untie me, luckily he did. Before i could go to untie my father, falling blocks from the building hit him and he became unconscious. The soldiers ran after the invaders, after some minutes, my father died and told me never to give up. That was his dying word and i should make sure i retrieve his money from the bank.  I escaped from the building, i walked through the houses, through broken walls, broken doors, and gardens crying.

I was able to find my way home. After my family burial, I took few of my belongings including my father’s bank particulars and left Syria. I arrived neighboring country Turkey, i spent 2 years in Nizip refugee camp in Turkey. I finally left Turkey to Senegal with an NGO called SOS Children Village. I have been here for 6 months now. I work in a fast food cafe as a waitress, this is just a part time job to keep myself busy. But now, i want to claim the money my father instructed me to retrieve from his foreign account. And that is where i need your help. I have been in constant with the bank, but i need your sincere help to help me receive the money in your account. Then when the money is transferred, you will send me some amount to join you in your country and start a new life.

But first, tell me about yourself, i mean your age, profession and marital status. I want to be your new friend, if you can send me your photo, i will be grateful.I have attached mine for your perusal. Please write me as soon as you finish reading my mail.