My love Titi Kambo

My love Titi Kambo

Hello friend,

Good day and top of the day to you. I am so excited to have a response from you because i never knew that you would get back to me,my mind kept telling me that you will not respond because you do not know who i am,so thank you so much for this kind gesture and may God bless you abundantly.

My names are titi Kambo,i am a citizen of South Sudan,currently residing in a foreign country Senegal. I am of average height,and i am 24 years old and weigh 64Kg at present.

Here in Senegal(Dakar city),i am living in an orphanage set up by the catholic church and overseen by the priest in charge of the catholic parish where it is located. I live here because i am an orphan,having lost both of my parents in the gruesome civil war fought in my country a couple of years ago,and which still goes on partially till now.

My past few years is something to forget but it is not possible because without the past,there will be no present,if not for the war and the death of my people,i will not be here today.

Being in an orphanage gives me mixed feelings,in one hand,i am so happy and grateful that i am still alive,but on the other,i have bitter sorrow of life and what it has become for me. It is not an easy thing to bear hunger,and it is not easy to live for more than a year now with only one meal per day,there are people in this world that have more than they can eat,they can afford to eat 5 times a day but they may not be feeling hungry,but here is me,that wants to eat,but there is no food,even now that i am writing to you,i am writing with pains of hunger and of malaria,but there is no means of treating myself,sometimes i wonder why life has to treat people differently,but in my sorrow,i always end up praying for good things to come one day.

I hope for help to come my way,i am a good girl and if i die here in this suffering,the world would have lost one good girl without even knowing it,i am writing with tears in my eyes,and it is because of my sorrow that i had to resort to this last means that i know,to look for a friend online,and subsequently for help,that is why i am so excited to hear from you.

I have dreams,i had hobbies,my dreams,i still try to keep alive,but the environment here does not allow me to carry out my hobbies which are,reading,walking(with my dog),watching sports,listening to good jokes and jogging in the morning. My dreams are to graduate from school and become a medical doctor and to have a happy career and family,i pray that i can still achieve those.

I do not have any other means on contact except this email,i do not have a personal phone,though the reverend father in charge here can allow me recieve a call through his phone,but that will be if you indicate that you want to speak with me,then i can get his number and send to you. I am attaching my picture,hoping that you like it and reciprocate.

Please know that i appreciate hearing from you,so do not hesitate to write soon,till then,remain blessed.


Yours sincerely,

Titi kambo