My Dear

My Dear

My Dear,

How are you today, I know you are doing fine? Thanks for your mail. Like I said my name is Faith Aalambi, i am single, tall, and fair in complexion. I am 20 years old. I am presently living here in a church under the care of a Rev father in Dakar Senegal West Africa. This is as the tragic war which claim the life of my father and mother and now living me as an orphan in my home country Mali. My parents and relatives were killed by rebels in the civil war. My late father Dr. John Aalambi, was a businessman and a personal adviser to the former president of Mali.

I moved to Dakar Senegal with the help of United Nation Agency; but presently living in a church now under the care of Rev father, i like to know more about you and what you are doing presently, i know that the mail i sent to you will be surprise to you, but i take the step with trust and hope that you will not disappoint me, i come to you with all my heart love and honest, please try to help me with all your heart you are only hope i have right now, is after my fasting and praying which Rev Father give me and i see your profile and my spirit told me to contact you, I’m real suffering here in the refugee camp and life is not so Easy for me here.

I will like you to help me by stand for me to transfer my late father money that he deposited in one of the leading banks, the amount in question is $5.6 (Five Million Six Hundred Thousand USA Dollars) So i will like you to help me to transfer this money to your account in your country so that i can come over to your country to continue my Education and invest in your country, i don”t want to go back to my country i want to relocate to your country that is why i need your help, i have all the documents for the transfer here with me as next of kin and i have contact the bank for the transfer they agree to transfer this money to me.

But do to my refugee status they refuse to deal with me and tell me to look for foreign partner who will stand for me in this transfer please don”t fear to help me, attached here is my pictures and i will be awaiting to hear from you.
Yours Faith.