Group Chief Risk Officer

Group Chief Risk Officer

Hello dear


My name is Mark Smith. I’m the Group Chief Risk Officer in standard chartered Bank, New York City. I have this deal to share with you.


When I resumed office last two years, I discovered that a customer from your country made a fixed deposit with my bank in 2007 for 36 calendar month.The maturity of the said deposit was the 18th of June 2010.


Recently,my bank management has requested that he should give instructions on either to renew or terminate his fixed deposit investment with us.But It has been unsuccessful for my bank to trace him because he did not mention any next of kin when the account was created .He was not married and had no child.



But it’s quite unfortunate that he was killed during the crisis on one of his numerous business trips in Libya. My bank management is yet to know about his death. I was able to know about it because he was a very good friend to me.


My major concern is this. If my Bank management discovers his death,the money will immediately be converted to their personal use. But i would not allow that to happen.


I am now seeking your full co-operation to present you to my bank as the next of kin to inherit this money.The money will be transferred to your personal bank account.After this,we can share 50%  to you and 50% to me.


Let me have your interest and I will send you every other information you need to get this money from the bank.



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Mark Smith