Hello dear! how is your day over there in your country, i believe you are having a pleasant time!. 

I’m happy to receive your response. I want us to be good friends for now and then we watch to see what it becomes for us in the future. 

I actually got your email contact from your profile on Facebook so i decided to contact you directly through your email address because i have something very important and confidential that i want to discuss with you about. 

Yes, i want us to discuss through our email address because i want it to be a very private discussion. For security reasons, i have completely deactivated my account on Facebook because of my career as a serving soldier on peacekeeping mission.

My name is Sgt. Elisa Pathros, i am a 29 year old lady. I’m mixed race, Turkey and England. My father is from Turkey while my mother is from England. I’m a military woman, i joined the British Army at the age of 21 because we lived in my maternal country which is England. But at a very early stage of my life my mother divorced my father and abandoned us to marry another man, so for this reason i was only cared for and raised only by my father. However, painfully enough, i lost my father Mr. Math Pathros to death 2 years ago when he suffered a sudden heart attack, which was on 12th July 2017. Before his death he was a big businessman and contractor in the United Kingdom.


However, i’m presently among the British troops on a United Nations peacekeeping mission, we’re stationed at the Turkish common border with Syria. I have been stationed on this border since March 2015, i was only allowed to go and bury my late father when he died and then came back. My team’s duty here at the border is to search the people that are crossing the border into Turkey from Syria. This place has been a dangerous war zone since the ISIS terrorist group started their attacks in Syria.

Communication network here is some times very bad, but i will send you my phone number in my next mail. Yes, i also love to know more about you. Tell me about your country, your age, your marital status, and of course, tell me what you do as your work. 

Like i said earlier in the message, i have a very important thing that i want to discuss with you, but that should be when i receive your positive response to my message. I attached my picture here.


Yours Sincerely