Asma al-Assad

Thank you for your response which is appreciated by me, I have been very excited to receive your response and  I will do my best to send you all I can say about this transaction for a better understanding. Please understand that the internet connectivity here has been poor and as such I have to say everything I can while the internet lasts. Please kindly forgive me for my long messages and I hope you will read them for a better understanding. I am the wife of the Current president of Syria ( President Bashar al-Assad ) The People of Syria and Rebels are against my Family failing to understand the good plans my Husband have for the good people of Syrian  and the good things he has done for the people of Syria.


Since the revolution in Syria, the Rebels  has been against me and my Family , burning all what belong to our Family and destroying our investments  in Syria. Following this, my children and family do not really have a future here in Syria because we do not know when and how this whole revolution will end, we really do not know what tomorrow holds for us. For this simple reason I have decided to invest outside of Syria in any good and profitable investment and the only countries where this can be achieved is in foreign countries.


Since the Syrian Revolution began, things have deteriorated here in Syria. People have been assassinated, some had their investments (companies) and houses burnt down to zero, others had their money (finance) confiscated and seized by the Government while some are just missing. If you have been following the news you should be aware of this situation for some time now. Most Government official have already started moving their finance out of Syria to foreign countries for the purposes of Investments. Others have already relocated their entire family out to foreign countries where they have already successfully moved their funds to and established foreign investments. This is the only way to secure and guarantee the future of our family and children. Otherwise everything we ever worked for in our life would be lost, destroyed or seized if the Rebels win the War. Following this, I have reached an agreement within myself to transfer my whole money out of Syria to you in your country for the purposes of Investment.


I have plans to transfer all my money I have with a private security deposit firm here in Syria worth $11.6 Million (Eleven Million Six Hundred Thousand Dollars) unknown to my Husband and his authorities to you for the purposes of investment. Once this money is received by you, I shall compensate you with 10% from the total $11.6 Million (Eleven  Million Six Hundred Thousand Dollars) and I shall invest the balance 90% in any good and profitable business investment you can handle either as my partner or as my investment manager. Upon the successful end of this transaction, we shall further make an arrangements as regards my investment plans and we will sign all documents for my investment with you in your Country once the money has been received by you.


Kindly be guaranteed that this transaction is totally risk free and legal. For us to proceed further, kindly get back to me so we can further discuss on my means of transferring this money out of Syria to you in your Country. I shall await your response in this regards. Thank you very much  and I look forward in establishing a long lasting business and family relationship with you. I shall wait for your response.


Kinds Regards,

Mrs Asma al-Assad.


Asma al-Assad