All about me Nina Dame

All about me Nina Dame

Dearest ,
How are you today i hope you are fine and in perfect condition of health, i am happy to hear from you now i have being expecting your mail ever since i wrote you. I’m single and never married, i am from Sudan in Africa and presently i am residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the war going on in my country.

My Name is Nina dame, I am 24 years old am from the Republic of Sudan, I’m the Daughter of Late Dr. David dame. Before my late father’s death he was chairman Grus-Melton Oil and Gas Company a private extracting oil firm in Darfur Sudan, before the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed my mother and my father in a cold blood. I was a female student at the University Khartoum Sudan, i was in my second year in the university before the sudden and painful death of my beloved father. I am a good girl loving and caring humble and respectful i will love to have a good relationship with you and to know more about you. I would like to build up a solid foundation with you, if you can be able to assist me with all sincerity in your heart as i need a very God fearing man with God heart to take care of me.

Honestly my condition here in the refugee camp is quite unbearable and i am sick and tired of staying here any longer. Therefore I wish to share with you in confidence that before the incident took place, there was a certain amount of money totaling ($6.5 M USD) (Six million five hundred thousand US dollars), which my late father deposited in Bank of Africa, which i am the next of kin before he meet his untimely death which claim the life of all my family.

Moreover, i wanted to facilitate this agreement by myself and I have contacted the concern bank so many times but they told me to get my late father death certificate confirming his death i try to get my late father death certificate which the bank request, after they told me that due to my refugee status and the law of the country they will not release the fund to me, therefore i should present a partner or trustee beneficiary who will help me stand on my behalf for them to transfer the fund into my trustee account.

Now i wish to seek for your assistance of a long standing relationship of your help in transferring this my late fathers money with your name into your account in your country pending my arrival to meet you for us to start a new life over there, my condition here is terrible. Perhaps I disclosed this to you alone by love and trust which i deposed in you and wish the same from you.

Therefore, I shall give you other necessary information in my next email if you will only promise me that you will not betray me or disclosed this matter to anybody, because, this money is the only hope i have for survival on earth since I have lost my parents. Moreover I have the STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT and the DEATH CERTIFICATE here with me, but before I give you further information, I will like to know your full data;ie

Your full Name……….
Mobile Telephone ……

I am now asking you to please help me stand on my behalf to make this claim, stand as my trustee beneficiary oversea and in time of the investment as well i promise you 25 % of the fund for your time wasting, phone calls, as well by helping me out from this refugee camp, i will forward you with every information of the bank and deposit certificate of the fund on your acceptance to render this unforgettable help to me.

Meanwhile,you can reach me by the help of the Reverend father,Rev Peter Benson, he is the Reverend father of the (CHRIST HOPE OF GLORY CHURCH) in the camp here. So if you wish to speak with me, call the phone number of the pastor ( +221-771083526 ) and his e-mail address is, ( ) Just tell him that you want to speak with me Nina dame, he will then send for me in the female hostel. Awaiting to
hearing from you soonest.